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Katy TX Preschool: The reasons why your child pushes the limits

Posted on 01-08-2015


We have all experienced it: your preschooler has never given you any problems in terms of behavior, aside from maybe one or two small instances. Then suddenly, without warning, he or she hurls a toy at you, telling you that you are stupid. Limit-pushing behavior such as this is really not uncommon in the realm of preschoolers. This piece will seek out the root causes of this type of conduct.

Your child acts on impulse

The human brain is incredibly complex, and is the last organ to properly mature after birth. Different parts of the brain will develop at different times in your child’s life. The prefrontal cortex is the last to develop. This part of the brain is largely responsible for things like cognitive behavior, social behavior, decision making, and personality expression. It therefore makes sense that this underdeveloped part of the brain may struggle to properly articulate certain feelings of anger or frustration, which will often lead a child to act impulsively.

Know your child and how he or she may be feeling

Preschoolers and toddlers often do not verbalize how tired or hungry they are. Unaware of how the child is feeling, you could have a toy hurled at you by a screaming child. Try to gain a more intimate understanding of your child. Become cognizant of when your child is showing signs of fatigue or hunger, and respond accordingly.

Do not overreact to these actions

Childcare experts around the world encourage parents not to overreact to limit-pushing behaviors. Instead, sit down and try to understand why your child is angry or frustrated, and work towards a solution to the problem together.

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