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Katy, TX infant care: Tips on how to ease your infant to sleep

Posted on 08-27-2014


Getting your infant to sleep and keeping him or her asleep can be troublesome for some parents. Bedtime doesn’t need to be a hassle. There are simple and effective ways to encourage sleep, and insure that your infant will remain asleep all night. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Cinco Ranch East we have been running a high quality infant care program for many years, giving us lots of experience in this area. Our infant care program is especially designed to ensure that your infant is taught in a safe and comfortable environment. Below we have listed simple ways to ease your infant into a restful sleep in Katy.

Decide where your infant sleeps best

Your infant should sleep alone in a crib or bassinet which may initially be in your room. Control the environment at all times, including temperature, noise and light. You want to created a protected area where your infant feels secure and is not disturbed. This will encourage brain development.

Do not make eye contact

It is best not to make eye contact with your infant when putting him or her to sleep. This will cause him or her to become stimulated to stay awake, and will result in the infant coming out of the sleep zone.

Loosen your ties to the baby monitor

Do not jump at every sound you hear over the monitor. When you hear a sound wait and let your infant soothe himself back to sleep. Should the crying continue, then make your way to the crib. As your infant grows they will become accustomed to sleeping and will wake up less. Making sure your infant is safe is the most important thing.

For more information about our infant care program in Katy, contact us today.

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