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Katy Day Care: Prenatal brain development timeline

Posted on 12-01-2014


Brain development is an immensely important part of every infant’s life - especially prenatally. Some of the most essential stages of brain development occur before a baby is born, and at a rate so rapid it will never be matched again during their lifetime. A baby will develop from a few cells into a fully formed infant in approximately 38 weeks, with a few of those milestones explored in the next few paragraphs:

Trimester 1

Within the first 15 days after fertilization, an baby’s brain and spinal cord begin to develop. The cerebral cortex forms first, which is the part of the brain that allows a baby to react to the environment around it.

Trimester 2

The second trimester is often considered to be the most important developmental phase for embryonic brain development. During this segment of the pregnancy, the brain will become fully developed and the number of neurons are established for life. During this period a baby will be able react to sensations such as smell, sound and taste and be able to control movements.

Trimester 3

Folds of the brain continue to form fold during this stage. The baby will continue to master its movements even though it can see no one else in the dark environment of the womb.

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