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Choosing Extra Curricular Activities for Your Child

Posted on 11-05-2014 | Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Cinco Ranch East

As a parent, much of your day is spent working, preparing meals, cleaning your home, and chauffeuring your children. You are constantly considering what is best for your children and providing them with an excellent educational experience is of utmost importance. In addition to the primary area of studies which are covered by a typical preschool curriculum, there are also several extra curricular activities and special programs to consider to help your child develop academically and socially.

Learning a foreign language like Spanish is one option that can include fun lesson plans, games, songs, and rhymes to teach vocabulary and basic conversation skills. Enrolling your child in a technology or computer-skills course is also very beneficial in securing the tools and resources needed to excel in higher education. Health and fitness classes teach your child about a healthy body, the food pyramid and family-style dining. While, music education class exposes your child to a rich appreciation for music and the arts.

When the time comes to choose the special program for your child, here are several questions to ask yourself and your school:

How much does it cost? At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we offer special programs included in the price of tuition and you also have the choice to participate in additional activities that involve a fee. Each childcare or learning center is different so be sure you know the cost of any activity before signing up. Remember to add the amount to your tuition cost.

How will the activity benefit my child? Look for long term benefits that will help with social, physical, and academic goals. It’s important to make sure that you understand the value of the activity and are listening to yourchild as he talks about the program. What does he like? What is difficult for him? Your child’s insights are important! Remember, having fun is still a good reason to participate in a special program.

Is the activity appropriate for my child’s personality and ability? This can be a tricky question. It’s important to recognize your child’s natural ability but as a parent, you can also guide your child through new territory as he discovers new skills and interests. Again, listen to your child as he discusses the program with you to determine if it is a good fit.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Cinco Ranch East, we are happy to provide several special programs at no additional cost. Feel free to contact us to discuss our special programs and extra-curricular activities and find out all the ways we can benefit your child!

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